Blackberry Curve Battery Lifeless

Blackberry Curve

I just got a Blackberry Curve and my first impression is not how cool it is, but instead how much the battery life sucks. I have to charge it up on a daily basis or the battery dies. I got a new battery and I charged it for 24 hours and I still don’t get the battery life that I expect to be getting. If I forget to charge it at night it’s dead by morning.  I’m on the Sprint network and I am connecting to my home WiFi for local internet connectivity. I leave it in the holster which I thought was supposed to use less battery. I was wondering if there might be some options I can change to conserve battery life. As I was searching I found an article about a company called M2E Power that is making a device that charges your cell phone or iPod while you walk. I thought this was a great concept considering how many devices that require batteries are for people “on the go”.

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