Downadup AKA Conficker worm infects millions

Computer VirusAbout a month ago, Microsoft released an critical “out-of-cycle” security patch (MS08-067) for all versions of Windows. We quickly patched our servers and apparently just in time. The anitivirus company F-Secure recently posted a blog entry which suggests that a worm called Downadup AKA Conficker has been infecting unpatched servers with this vulernerablity.  According to the post an estimated 2.5 million computers are infected. This would make a very large botnet if implented. Both Symantec and Mcafee have a removal tool available. Both site assess this is a level 2 low risk. Some variants of the worm are using scheduled tasks and Autorun.inf file to replicate on to non vulnerable systems or to reinfect previously infected systems after they have been cleaned.  I personally think this should be a higher risk assessment

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