Is Twitter for the Workplace Working?


A while back I wrote about using twitter for team building and communication in the workplace. Since then I have read the case for enterprise micro-blogging and the case against enterprise micro-blogging .
While both have valid arguments I have had mixed results with trying to implement this at my workplace, so I will present my experiences.
If you ask around about Twitter, you will seeĀ  two camps. Those who think Twitter is the best thing the internet has ever produced and those that don’t see the point. Unfortunately there are a lot more of those people who don’t see the point in my office.

I twittered, as I normally would, about my lack luster blackberry battery life to the regular service. By coincidence my co-worker saw it on his twitter account and came over to my desk gave me a new battery. This is how I envisioned the enterprise twitter service to work. Co-workers tweet about where they are, what they are doing, and what they are complaining about so your co-workers can help each other out and be a more efficient and cohesive group.

Ironically, he was actually on the twitter site to delete his account.

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