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Tweet Me!

May 31, 2008 admin 0

I finally got around to signing up on twitter. Twitter is a site that lets you write a quick sentence about what you are currently doing. Instead of writing an entire blog post or sending an email, you can update your friends on what you are up to. If you […]

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Remote Assistance / Remote Control revisited

May 30, 2008 admin 1

Back in March I wrote about single click remote control but I found another quick and dirty way  to provide remote assistance. Hamachi! No, not tuna. Hamachi is a VPN solution that does not require you to setup any sever or open any ports and best of all, the standard […]

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How To Setup Single Click Remote Control Support

March 1, 2008 admin 4

If you’ve ever had to help friends or relatives with computer problems over the phone this will help you get them out of you hair faster. Ultra VNC SC lets you control a users desktop without having the user do anything except double click a file. Here’s how: To set […]

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ASP – Access to path * is denied

February 7, 2008 admin 1

I was trying to write to a file in ASP.Net and was getting the following error: Access to the path “D:\WEB\******\dump.csv” is denied. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it […]

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Blackberry Admin “Send As” Permission

February 7, 2008 admin 0

After installing blackberry Small Business Edition Server to our environment, and following all the blackberry documentation for installing blackberry server we still had issues. The issue was some users were able to receive messages but were not able to send from their blackberry. As t turns out it is a […]

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Peer to Peer is Good for the Economy

January 13, 2008 admin 0

File Sharing, using bit torrent or Limewire for example, has been given a bad name and is associated with hacking and criminal intention. But file sharing isn’t all that bad. In fact it might help the economy. According to a press article, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said “Music is about […]

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Free Accounting Software for Cheapskates

January 5, 2008 admin 2

The ability to create invoices, track expenses, pay employees, and so forth is essential for many businesses. The right financial software can be an extreme help, especially if you are doing it all yourself. For a small business or self employed individuals, financial software can be expensive. Well open source […]

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Shrinking Vista Virtual Disks in VMWare

December 27, 2007 admin 1

It is sometimes convenient when doing development or testing to copy your Virtual Machines to DVD. By doing this you can save an original untainted version of your VM in case you screw it up royally. VM’s take up a lot of disk space and it’s nice to free up […]