Working out with the Wii Fit

The Nintendo Wii Fit is technically an accessory for the Nintendo Wii Game System. The Wii Fit consists of a pressure sensitive board that is used in conjunction with the Wii remote control. The board requires 2 AA batteries which are included and is quite sturdy.
The Wii Fit tracks your weight and how long you are exercising each day, and let you know when your 30 minutes are up. It also calculates your body mass index (BMI) based on your age and weight. You can choose from yoga, aerobic, strength, or game workouts.
It is possible to lose weight using the Wii Fit. If you use the Wii Fit for 20 -30 mins four to five times a week accompanied by a low calorie diet you will lose weight. The Wii Fit will track you’re progress and allow you to set goals and deadlines to give you additional motivation.
My experience with the Wii Fit has been a good one. The exercises are varied enough to keep you interested and it makes exercise fun. Since you can compare stats with other Wii Fit users, competition is another motivating factor. I like being able to do different exercises depending on my mood and energy level. Just like any other piece of exercise equipment, consistency is key, but the Wii Fit’s fun activities keeps you coming back. Good Luck!


I had an issue with the Wii Fit board losing connection to the Wii but it appeared to be a battery problem. Here is how I fixed it.

Here is a fun quiz on how many calories yo can burn on the Wii:

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