Best Hard Drives for Gaming

June 1, 2022 EverythingTech 0

HARD DRIVES In gaming circles, it is common knowledge to buy a solid-state drive (SSD) for a gaming PC due to the lack of any moving parts resulting in faster read and write speeds. However, despite the decreasing cost of solid-state drives and memory chips in general, a user may […]

Altice Slow Wireless Fix

October 26, 2021 EverythingTech 0

If you have an Altice / Optium All in one modem and router and then suddenly your internet slow to a crawl. Here’s how to fix it! The issue: So you just upgraded to Altice / Optimum 400Mb/s internet you’re streaming and downloading great for a while then you notice […]

Access Vmware Cloud on AWS

April 12, 2021 EverythingTech 0

You just deployed a Vmware SDDC in AWS, now how do you get access to the Center? You click on open Center and you get this pop-up. I wanted to access the vCenter directly from the internet since I do not have a VPN connection to my internal network. Choose […]

Finally cut the cable cord. How I did it.

August 18, 2018 EverythingTech 0

“We’re sorry that you’re canceling your service.  Can we ask the reason you are canceling service with us? If it is the price then we can provide you with some promotions for valuable customers”. That’s what the cable customer service representative said from their sales script. This only made me more frustrated. […]

Who Deleted My Files

May 12, 2018 EverythingTech 0

[the_ad id=”689″] If your work in a collaborative environment you share files. A hazard of sharing files with others is someone will at some point delete or modify your files. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the soup. Varonis created a good document explaining how to enable auditing on […]