XBOX Series X Setup won’t connect to WiFi

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a new XBOX Series X and was excited to get it set up. There is a handy phone app to help guide you through the process. It detected my XBOX X and the screen shows a series of letters and numbers to enter into the phone to move to the next phase.

So far, so good.

hen it asks to connect to your Wifi. That’s when things went wrong! After choosing my WiFi network and password, the XBOX X won’t connect and asks me to verify the WiFi password…. which I did…. 3 times.

Now I am getting frustrated.

The XBOX suggests you reboot the router and make sure the XBOX MAC address is not blocked on your router. Dutifully I rebooted my internet router

I used my laptop to connect to my wifi just to verify it wasn’t my router or internet. Still no luck. I’m still stuck at the setup screen not being able to use my brand new Xbox. Grrrr..

Ah. I had a thought. What if I use my mobile hot spot on my phone to eliminate the router as the culprit. Same result.

I’m thinking there is something wrong with the marvel of engineering that is the XBOX Series X. That I might have to send it back for repairs and thus further delaying my gratification.

Wait… What was that thing they used before WiFi. Oh, that’s right, ethernet cable!

I scramble to find a CAT 5 cable and tried to get the router and xbox close enough to connect. If this works I will at least be able to use the xbox until I send it out for repairs, I thought to myself.

Success! It connects to the internet. Immediately it starts downlowing updates. That’s right, I remebered it’s a Microsoft product. After updates and a reboot, I thought i’d try the WiFi just in case. This time it connects to WiFi.

Try the hard wired option before you get stuck with a very expensive paper weight.

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