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SCOM 2007 Stopped Receiving Alerts

February 17, 2010 DaFixer 1

I noticed one day that I stopped getting any SCOM alerts in my System Center Operation Manager 2007 R2 environment. As part of my troubleshooting I found a ton of the following warnings in the Operations Manager Event viewer. I contacted Microsoft tech support and discovered that my RMS was […]

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What to do before you run AntiSpyware software

January 21, 2010 DaFixer 0

Does your Windows machine feel more sluggish than usual? Are you getting little notifications on your taskbar that “You may not be protected”? You may have spyware or malware running a muck on your pc. Malware is getting increasingly crafty and find new places to hide and make it very […]

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Green Christmas

December 29, 2009 DaFixer 0

As a parent, the part of Christmas that was the least fun was the cleaning up of packaging materials after opening the gift. The  big clean up the day after Christmas was filled with bulky bags of plastic and styrofoam and impossible to open packaging. But this year I noticed […]

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HTC Touch Pro 2 Review

December 24, 2009 DaFixer 0

My wife recently had a chance to use the HTC Touch Pro 2 and this is what she had to say about it: I tested the HTC Touch Pro 2 over the past month.  My first impression of the phone was that it was surprisingly heavy.  I don’t mind electronics […]

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HTC Imagio Review

December 22, 2009 DaFixer 0

My first impression of the Verizon HTC Imagio was how similar it physically looked like the iPhone. It’s a light and compact phone running Windows Mobile 6.5. The single touch surface was responsive and the phone overall had decent speed. Unlocking the screen lock is similar to the The screen […]

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XFX GeForce SLI Card Failure

December 10, 2009 DaFixer 0

A few days ago the fan on one of the XFX nVidia GeForce 8800GS Alpha Dog cards in my gaming rig died. There are a pair of them in a SLI configuration and when the fan died on one, it overheated and shut down the system. As a safe gaurd, […]

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SCOM SNMP discovery through a gateway server

December 8, 2009 DaFixer 0

I have been trying to get System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 to discover an IBM BladeCenter chasis through a gateway and I finally figured it out. First On the device you want to monitor, set your SNMP public community string to point to the IP address of the SCOM […]

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Most unreliable console system: Xbox 360

November 22, 2009 DaFixer 0

According to a survey commissioned by the CNET UK, 60% of Xbox 360s have had hardware failures. According to the survey 47% of Xbox 360s have failed within the first year of purchase. I have personally become part of this statistic. I have gone through 3 Xbox’s within 2 years. […]

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Healbot Add-on bug

November 20, 2009 DaFixer 0

My wife updated her World of Warcraft Add On Healbot to version and her main character icon on the top left disappeared. She needed to revert back to Healbot version to get it to work without the character icon disappearing.

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November 20, 2009 DaFixer 0

The Conficker worm aka Downadup worm continues to infect non-patched Microsoft computers a year after the initial outbreak. This worm scans your network and finds and infects other computers that are also not patched with the Microsoft MS08-067 critical patch. The worm can effect network performance since it floods the […]