WoW: Wrath of the Lich King

My brother-in-law and I waited, with many other devoted gamers, at GameStop to get my copy of the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Pack at midnight last night. We first went to a popular GameSpot nearby and waited dutifully on line with the other WoW addicts. About 30 minutes before midnight, GameStop employees made the rounds to see if everyone had their reserve receipts. Oops! Unlike many who were there, I regrettably did not reserve a copy before showing up. After being told that there were only enough copies for those that reserved them, we went to another GameStop in the nearby area on the off chance that they might have extra copies. We were in luck! Not only was the line shorter we were able to get our copy (cash only) 15 minutes before midnight.

Blizzard decided to put the install files on a DVD instead of the 4 CDs that the last expansion, Burning Crusade, came on. By 1:00 am I was installing. By 1:30am, it was patching. I was somewhat surprised how many patches had been released before the launch. I watched the Lich King cinematic trailer before the log on screen. The boat to the Northrend was full of gamers who undoubtedly followed my actions. The city was like any other city and the excitement soon wore off and tiredness set in and I was off to bed since I had work the next day. I overheard many patrons that were waiting on line had taken a week off work for this event in anticipation of the long nights ahead on their way to level 80 and new content. I will have to see what the world offers when I have some free time.

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