Got the RRod Again on a “Fixed Xbox”

This is f#%k’n ridiculous. I got the red ring of death on my 360 again after I thought fixed it. The fix did work for a while so it was a surprise to me when it happened. I was playing Halo Wars
the other day and the game froze. I thought no big deal. Then it froze a few more times and more frequently, which is a tell-tale sign that you are going to get a RRoD soon. Well it did happen and I was pissed. I was about to go out an buy a new one, but I thought to my self that I should just try to tighten down the screws a little more. The worst case is I crack the chip and buy a new Xbox 360 (the new models have HDMI connections).

For some reason, I had the easiest time taking it apart this time. At this point I have done it enough times that I  feel like Forrest Gump disassembling a rifle. After it was stripped down to the motherboard, I let the sucker overheat and tighten down the screws on both heat sinks. I got a little more than a quarter turn out of each screw which leads me to believe I was being cautious the first time around. It started up and I couldn’t believe I brought it back to life.

I guess this fix really does work. Well, while it was open I figured I would update the DVD Rom firmware to iXtreme 1.51 to fully and utterly void my warranty.

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  2. Hello, i recently got the rrod, after doing everything in the x clamp video fix i come to the part where i have to overheat my xbox, when i turn on the xbox i get 2 red rings, sector 1 and 3 and my fan almost immediatly stops spinning, what am i doing wrong ? is it possible to fix this ? if anyone can send me an email at i would greatly appreciate it!

  3. sent my xbox 360 elite off for repair after the rrod appeared, it went wrong 6 months later and they wouldnt honour the warranty. I have tried the tutorials on line and even bought a kit with the heat sink compaound and screws, with nylon matter what i try the bloody thing wont over heat, just keeps mocking me with the 3 red lights

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