Mozilla Labs Chromatabs

I was on the Mozilla Labs site and I found the Chomatabs project that I thought was interesting. The Firefox extension ColorfulTabs allows you to color your Firefox tabs to more easily identify the sites you are visiting. If you are like me and have at least 10 tabs open at any given time, you can see where this would be handy. There is actually a theory behind this that I found the most interesting.
In the graphic below, first find all the red letters. That was easy right!? Now find all the M’s. No so easy.
The way our visual system processes the colors versus the shapes makes finding the colors easier. The Chomatabs project was trying to take this idea further by automatically coloring tabs based on the site you visited. For instance, websites of a technical nature may be assigned a shade of green, while a commercial business site might show up as a blue tab. The concept is interesting though and one day may be use to make the organization of information a little easier. Unfortunately the project has been discontinued and is no longer under development.



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