Step Workout with Wii Fit

I likes exercising with the Wii Fit but it’s not really a work out. We went out looking for the EA Active, but we found the Everlast 3″ Aerobic Step on the shelf in the Wii section instead.  This Wii Fit board accessory turns the Fit board into … well  a 3 inch aerobic step. With the attachment, the regular Wii Fit step exercises is intensified. It’s a great way to have a fun workout and actually feel like you actually worked your muscles. I highly recommend this accessory if you are using the Wii Fit to try to get in shape.  Note: Do not do the body test with the step accessory attached. The Wii Fit will miscalculate your weight by 50 to 70 pounds!

If you’re wondering about the design on the board, it is a cover or skin for the board made out of neoprene. It feels very nice under your feet and softens your steps. The one we got was the React Board sleeve found at BestBuy.

We like the Everlast 3″ Aerobic Step so much that we were thinking about getting the Everlast 2lb dumbbell Wii remote attachment for the next level.


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