WoW Guild Recruiting

My wife and I occasionally play World of Warcraft, but she is much more of a WoW-head than I am. I often hear from her that it is difficult to get a good cohesive guild and that makes playing end-game content a frustrating process. That’s when we came to the conclusion that there should be an e-Harmony or for guilds so you can ensure your guild members will be compatible with each other. I created a proof-of-concept site using an open source social networking framework Elgg. Then I went to see if someone else has already had this concept, and of course they beat me to the punch again.

The site is a place where those recruiting for a guild can screen potential guild mates based on the culture of the guild. Built more like a job site like, those looking for a guild can search through recruiting guilds based on their class and server. The site uses some logic based on the guild culture to determine if you are a fit for that guild. Guild culture is determined on whether the guild members are Reckless / Deliberate, Sociable / Competitive, Fun /Serious, and  Learners / Veterans. You can then apply to the guild and begin interviewing with the guild. Guild leaders post the classes they are recruiting and the requirements of applicants.

The site and has been reviewed by GameSpot and WoW Insider and has the concept that I was going for, except my twist would have been to make it more like a Facebook for WoW players and Guilds. Well at this point I feel I have missed the boat and will not continue to develop this any further. I am glad to have played around with Elgg since it gives me ideas for other projects. What do you think about continuing development on this concept?

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