Wii Fit Board Connectivity Fix

I bought my Wii Fit for the Christmas holiday and I have been getting a surprisingly fun workout. I have found that every so often, especially while stepping on the board, the Wii Fit would get disconnected and I get the message “Communication has been lost, hit “A” and power button on the board”. I changed the batteries but that did not help. I did a little research and found some interesting clues to why it might be happening. I had a theory. Since the batteries are at the bottom of the board I thought the vibration of stepping plus the pull of gravity might be loosening the battery connections enough for the board to lose power temporarily. To test my theory I made a shim out of cardboard from a cereal box to hold the batteries firmly in place. This seemed to have done the trick since I have not had the problem since.

Print out the template and trace the pattern on a piece of thin cardboard from a cereal box or shoe box. Cut out the darken shapes on the template. Place the cardboard on the battery cover. The tabs on the Wii Fit battery cover should fit through slots cut out of the template. I used 2 pieces of cardboard to hold the batteries snugly in place. You can use a piece of tape to hold the cardboard in place.

Blackberry Battery Improvment

Blackberry Curve

I was getting very short battery life from my blackberry even after replacing the battery. After upgrading to blackberry software version 4.6 the battery life seems to be lasting much longer.  Before the upgrade my bettery would not last thorugh the night if it was not plugged in. Last night I forgot to charge it and I expected to see it dead as usual, but to my surprise it had practically a full charge and continued to have full battery the whole day. I am not sure if the new software has better battery management but I am very happy with my blackberry now that it is working as it should.

Is Twitter for the Workplace Working?


A while back I wrote about using twitter for team building and communication in the workplace. Since then I have read the case for enterprise micro-blogging and the case against enterprise micro-blogging .
While both have valid arguments I have had mixed results with trying to implement this at my workplace, so I will present my experiences.
If you ask around about Twitter, you will see  two camps. Those who think Twitter is the best thing the internet has ever produced and those that don’t see the point. Unfortunately there are a lot more of those people who don’t see the point in my office.

I twittered, as I normally would, about my lack luster blackberry battery life to the regular twitter.com service. By coincidence my co-worker saw it on his twitter account and came over to my desk gave me a new battery. This is how I envisioned the enterprise twitter service to work. Co-workers tweet about where they are, what they are doing, and what they are complaining about so your co-workers can help each other out and be a more efficient and cohesive group.

Ironically, he was actually on the twitter site to delete his account.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 RC

windows-vistaMicrosoft released Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 RC on March 4, 2009 and is available for download. A list of Notable changes in the new service pack include improved compatibility with some hardware and software. I would personally like to see a service pack that would make Vista suck less. But, if you are going to test out this Release Candidate (RC) make sure you have backed up your system prior to installing the service pack. Microsoft service packs sometimes blow up machines. It would be best if you can make a Ghost image of your machine. Clonezilla is an open source disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost that you can use for this step.

Koobface Facebook Worm Strikes Again

The worm sends you link that appears to come  from a friend. Trend Micro (http://blog.trendmicro.com/new-variant-of-koobface-worm-spreading-on-facebook) reports that it looks like a YouTube video and requests that you upgrade your Flash player, but it in fact installs itself on your PC where it has access to your Facebook account and propagates itself to everyone in your friends list.
Get the latest virus definitions and be careful what links you click on to protect yourself from other worms in the future. If you don’t have anti virus on your PC check out Clam Antivirus which is open source software that works just as well as Norton or Mcafee.


Losing Internet Connectivity At Midnight


I was losing internet every day at midnight and it was getting very frustrating. (Especially when I kept getting disconnected during a Raid). As a matter of fact all the computers on the network were losing the internet connection at the same time. Which led me to believe that it was a problem with my Internet Service Provider. I called my ISP (Cablevision) and they verified that everything on their end was fine. Just to make sure it was not my end I connected a PC directly to the cable modem, bypassing the router, and I did not have the problem. I then directed my efforts at my Linksys WRT54G Wireless router. I could not find any settings that suggested a midnight outage. After adjusting many settings, updating firmware, and resetting to factory defaults I was still getting the issue.

As part of my troubleshooting I was running a continuous ping to the google.com and the router address. The command in Windows is “ping IP_Address -t”. I noticed I would drop packets to both the internet and my router. I was using DHCP to get my address from the router. When I gave myself a static address, I did not have the issue. I knew I was dealing with a DHCP issue.

In my Linksys router I found a setting under Setup -> Network Address Server Settings (DHCP) called Client Lease time. There is a decription next to this setting that says “0 means one day”. This is the default. It turns out that my IP addess was being renewed every 24 hours at midnight. I change the setting to 1800 minutes (about a day and a half) and I no longer disconnect at midnight. Another fix to this issue to assign a static IP address to your workstation.

No More RRoD for Xbox360

I have replace my Xbox 360 three times in 3 years because of RRoD. I was luck enough to have the BestBuy no_rrodreplacement policy so I was able to replace the first 2 without question. The first time I thought it was a fluke and happily returned the Xbox for a replacement. It was only a few months after the replacement that I got the RRoD again. I started to do some research and soon realized that is was a widespread problem and Xbox’s that were “repaired” by Microsoft were still having the RRoD months later. I took one more chance an replaced the 2nd RRoD Xbox thinking that the new shipment might have addressed this issue. I was fine for a while but wouldn’t you know it happened again just as my warranty expired. I had to take matters into my own hands and fixed the RRoD myself.

Hopefully some good news, better late than never. In an article from Edge Online Microsoft’s Product manager Aarron Greenberg, stated that they have put the RRoD issues behind them. They have found the hardware issue and have resolved them in the newest hardware revision call Jasper that came out in Xbox 360’s late last year.

It might just be safe to go out an buy an Xbox 360 even if you have been burned in the past. I would like to know if anyone else has had any issues with the new Jasper hardware.

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