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XFX GeForce SLI Card Failure

December 10, 2009 DaFixer 0

A few days ago the fan on one of the XFX nVidia GeForce 8800GS Alpha Dog cards in my gaming rig died. There are a pair of them in a SLI configuration and when the fan died on one, it overheated and shut down the system. As a safe gaurd, […]

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Game Streaming and Subscription Model

June 24, 2009 DaFixer 0

If you have purchased a graphic intensive PC game recently, such as Cryisis, you realize that  your computer runs the game like a choppy YouTube video. In order to get a better gaming experience you need to get the latest hardware, so a $60 game may end up costing you […]

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No More RRoD for Xbox360

March 3, 2009 DaFixer 3

I have replace my Xbox 360 three times in 3 years because of RRoD. I was luck enough to have the BestBuy replacement policy so I was able to replace the first 2 without question. The first time I thought it was a fluke and happily returned the Xbox for […]