Got the RRod Again on a “Fixed Xbox”

This is f#%k’n ridiculous. I got the red ring of death on my 360 again after I thought fixed it. The fix did work for a while so it was a surprise to me when it happened. I was playing Halo Wars
the other day and the game froze. I thought no big deal. Then it froze a few more times and more frequently, which is a tell-tale sign that you are going to get a RRoD soon. Well it did happen and I was pissed. I was about to go out an buy a new one, but I thought to my self that I should just try to tighten down the screws a little more. The worst case is I crack the chip and buy a new Xbox 360 (the new models have HDMI connections).

For some reason, I had the easiest time taking it apart this time. At this point I have done it enough times that I  feel like Forrest Gump disassembling a rifle. After it was stripped down to the motherboard, I let the sucker overheat and tighten down the screws on both heat sinks. I got a little more than a quarter turn out of each screw which leads me to believe I was being cautious the first time around. It started up and I couldn’t believe I brought it back to life.

I guess this fix really does work. Well, while it was open I figured I would update the DVD Rom firmware to iXtreme 1.51 to fully and utterly void my warranty.

No More RRoD for Xbox360

I have replace my Xbox 360 three times in 3 years because of RRoD. I was luck enough to have the BestBuy no_rrodreplacement policy so I was able to replace the first 2 without question. The first time I thought it was a fluke and happily returned the Xbox for a replacement. It was only a few months after the replacement that I got the RRoD again. I started to do some research and soon realized that is was a widespread problem and Xbox’s that were “repaired” by Microsoft were still having the RRoD months later. I took one more chance an replaced the 2nd RRoD Xbox thinking that the new shipment might have addressed this issue. I was fine for a while but wouldn’t you know it happened again just as my warranty expired. I had to take matters into my own hands and fixed the RRoD myself.

Hopefully some good news, better late than never. In an article from Edge Online Microsoft’s Product manager Aarron Greenberg, stated that they have put the RRoD issues behind them. They have found the hardware issue and have resolved them in the newest hardware revision call Jasper that came out in Xbox 360’s late last year.

It might just be safe to go out an buy an Xbox 360 even if you have been burned in the past. I would like to know if anyone else has had any issues with the new Jasper hardware.

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